Meet the Evans Family!

Dear Grand Master Hafner,

Hello…I hope this finds you well!

I had a story that I was interested in sharing with you:

Jack recently tried out for a position on a 6th grade travel basketball team.  This group is highly competitive; very skill-based and focused on finding kids with advanced training, etc.

During the try-outs the kids had to take turns with the various drills and keeping watch/score for one another.  I could overhear many of the kids saying things like “too bad you missed!” or “That doesn’t count!” etc.

It struck me that Jack was one of the only kids cheering the other children on. His comments were different: “Come on, You can do it!” or “Go (name)!”,
“Keep trying!” and “You are doing great!”.

I realized that he sounded like all of the students do at your Karate School and was taken back to Jack’s first classes where he was informed that he/classmates would do better being cheered on.

Independently I was proud of Jack and felt confident that he learned valuable skills through your program.  As an additional note…Jack was the only new boy at the try-outs that made the team.  Thank you!

Valerie Evans