Keith Hafner is an enthusiastic, high-energy person. He is articulate and has a knack for simplifying concepts. Keith is a Martial Art Grand Master, a writer, a consultant, and a lecturer. He is frequently called upon to speak on a variety of topics, both in and out of the Martial Art industry.

Many years ago, Grand Master Hafner began to observe that learning Martial Arts would sometimes develop high self-esteem and good behavior skills in children. At that time, this improvement seemed to happen accidentally, rather than by design.

Soon after, Grand Master Hafner began to ask the question, “What if we made the self-esteem skills and the good behavior skills the goal of Martial Art instruction?”

Over the next decade, Grand Master Hafner refined and improved his strategies and developed a system of teaching these strategies to Martial Art teachers.

Since then, Keith Hafner’s work in the area of Martial Art instruction has helped thousands of children live empowered lives. These strategies are presented in his popular parenting book, How to Build Rock Solid Kids.

  • Keith is a 1977 graduate of Eastern Michigan University
  • He is the founder and owner of one of the nation’s largest Martial Art schools, “Keith Hafner’s Karate,” in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • He was elected to the Dexter Alumni Association Hall of Fame in 1999
  • He was elected to the Educational Funding Company Hall of Fame in 1998
  • Keith has been the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles
  • He holds an 8th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • He is the author of How to Build Rock Solid Kids, How to Live Smarter, and Small Business Mastery
  • He and his wife, Renée, have been married since 1976. They live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and have two grown sons, Jason and Ian, both of whom are employed at “Keith Hafner’s Karate,” and four grandchildren
  • The Hafners are active in their church and in community affairs
  • Today, Grand Master Hafner spends his time teaching “Rock Solid Kid” strategies to his team of professional Martial Art teachers, to parents throughout the community, and to Martial Art teachers from all over the world
  • Through community outreach programs such as his “Rock Solid Kids Newsletter,” his partnership with The Education Project for Homeless Youth and Martial Art demonstrations that teach young people about respect for law and order and avoiding drug and alcohol use, Grand Master Hafner strives to empower parents to raise the self-esteem of their children!