Meet the Bartko Family!

Dear Grand Master Hafner,

I am writing to let you know how much I admire the work done by you and all of your staff at your school.  My son Alex has been a student with you for about 3 months now.  We were immediately impressed with the warm, inviting and accepting atmosphere.  Your staff’s demeanor and humor made all of us feel welcome and at ease.

And while it took Alex a few sessions to “learn the ropes” all of your instructors were very patient, supportive and encouraging of him.  Last Saturday, he received his yellow belt and is indeed hooked on karate.  He loves it!

I am a developmental psychologist and much of the research I do involves seeking to understand the processes by which your children become “engaged” in school and in extracurricular activities; that is, not simply doing the work, but excited by it and motivated to do their best.

I have learned a great deal simply by watching Alex’s classes.  The energy of your instructors is contagious and while there is a pattern to the way the classes are taught, there is also plenty of novelty.  The most telling aspect, I believe, is that Alex is clearly learning karate, yet he sees the classes as fun rather than as work.

I have nothing but praise for all of your instructors.  Mr. Terry Brennan, in particular, is a gifted teacher.  It is rare to see someone with his abilities to both communicate with children and motivate them.  In fact, I have seen Terry use techniques that are often taught to clinical psychology students as part of their training in group psychotherapy with children!

We are delighted that Alex is enjoying the lessons and that we were able to find such a wonderful karate school in Ann Arbor.  We look forward to continuing to work with you and all of your staff.  Thanks again for all your efforts!

W. Todd Bartko, Ph.D.,   Ann Arbor