Meet the McKinnon Family!

Dear Grand Master Hafner,

Our family loved seeing all of you when we were in Ann Arbor last week.  It certainly reminded us that it is not simply the karate we miss, it is you guys and the atmosphere you have created. You were a big chunk of our life in Ann Arbor!

I know you realize that you have something special there.  I just wish more schools could grasp your vision.  I also wish there were some way we, as a family, could keep in contact with you and your philosophy of martial arts.  Is there any way we could transplant a little of “Keith Hafner’s Karate”  in northwest Arkansas?  That sounds like a rhetorical question, but in all actuality, I am very serious!  Any ideas?

The school we found in our area is the closest we could come to “Keith Hafner’s Karate,”  but martial arts has become a drudgery rather than the passion that it was for us in Ann Arbor.  Here, Martial Arts is a competitive sport.  What you have is Martial Arts as a way of life.  THAT is what we connected with.

I can hardly stand to think of what we had to give up when we left “Keith Hafner’s Karate,”   but the persistent spirit in me wants to seek out any way to recapture a little bit of what we had.  We have a house in the back of our house that is ready to turn into our own private karate studio..  We just had mirrors put in.

I am serious in wondering if there is any way we can do karate with you long-distance.  What do you think?  Keith, you’re great at thinking “outside the box!”  Brainstorm and please let us know; it might have to just be keeping up with you on your web page.  But I’d like more than that.

It was good for our souls to connect with you again.

The McKinnons, Arkansas  (Stan, Lori, Jackson, and Katie)