From the Desk of Keith Hafner

How to Stay Young


Have you ever noticed that there are people in their thirties who feel old, look old…and have pretty much conceded that their best years are behind them?

And — there are also people in their seventies, eighties, and nineties who live healthy, vibrant lives…and look forward to each new day with anticipation!

Here are some common traits of these successful, older people.

1. They work on their physical flexibility. If physical flexibility is neglected, a person becomes stiffer and stiffer…and eventually, becomes “frozen” inside a body that won’t move.  No more gardening.  No more romping with the grandkids.  No more hunting and fishing.

Whatever it is that they enjoyed doing…now they can’t do it anymore.  And — when the things you look forward to doing each day are lost to you…you begin to give up on life.


2. They maintain the ability to relate to younger people. The healthy “oldsters” I know always share this:  they are interested in young people;  they enjoy talking with young people;  they appreciate them and like being around them.

Contrast this with the person who becomes grumpy; bitter; critical of young people.  They become increasingly lonely.  As their peers move away or die…they are left alone.


3. They work at something they enjoy. They read; they continue to learn;  they volunteer their time and skills.  They write;  they collect;  they get up each day with purpose.


4. And, the fourth characteristic is perhaps the most important. They DECIDE to remain young.  They do not give in to “old age.”  They cherish their youthfulness…and refuse to give it up!