Your body has a lot to think about.  It can do wonderful, miraculous things. Provide you with the energy you need.  Fight off sickness.  Allow you to think clearly.

   Your body can do a lot…but it is a sensitive, complicated mechanism. It requires sleep, exercise, and feeding. And, it functions best when it gets these things on a regular schedule.

   Let’s say you have an irregular sleep schedule.  Your body gets tired.  One internal part says to the other, “Hey, last night we went to sleep at ten.  It’s almost midnight?  I wonder when he’s going to bed.”

   Another body part says, “Gee…I hope he’s not going to pull another all-nighter, like he did last month.” The same conversation takes place regarding exercise, hydration, and eating.

   If you keep your body on a regular schedule…eating, sleeping, and exercising at the same time each day, it can relax…and go about it’s normal job:  keeping you fit, sickness free, energetic, and clear headed.