You get home late and don’t feel like doing your workout.  You’ve already talked yourself out of it by giving yourself all the excuses you’ve needed.

     Here’s what you do.  Put your workout stuff on…and do a “walk thru” workout.  Just go through the motions.  Use zero intensity.

     Say to yourself, “I don’t feel like working out at all.  I’m just going to put my workout stuff on and do a couple symbolic exercises.”

     Your “deal” with yourself is this:  You must do workouts as scheduled.  Intensity can vary based on how you feel.

     Of course, a benefit of this approach is that, sometimes, once in motion, you will find yourself doing a more intense workout.  But, if not…if it’s a true “walk thru,” it’s okay.  You’ve maintained the most important  part of the whole arrangement:  the habit.

     Does it matter that you’ve done a super low intensity workout?  Not really.  Over time, some workouts will be high intensity, some low, and some in the middle.

     What you’ve got to avoid, however, is losing the HABIT!