From the Desk of Keith Hafner


Dealing With Problems part 1

Solving the problems in your life requires you to change your understanding of at least three words:  confront; tolerate; anger.

Confront:    People often think of a confrontational person as being obnoxious and looking for trouble.  However, people who solve problems realize they have to confront problem situations.

Tolerate:    Tolerance is thought of as a good thing — and it often is.  But problem solvers refuse to tolerate the things in their lives that cause them pain…or even inconvenience!

Anger:   Anger is often destructive.  However.  Problem solvers understand that is useful to “get mad” at their problems (remember, at problems — not at people!) and use that energy to create positive change.  The opposite of being angry at the problem is being afraid of it!

Sometimes having a problem is described as “having a pebble in your shoe.”

A pebble is a small thing…but inside your shoe, it can cause a lot of discomfort.

If you have a pebble in your shoe, you start walking funny.  Next thing you know, your knees hurt, and then your back.

So — do you keep walking, adjusting your stride, learning to “manage” the back and knee pain?

Or do you pull your shoe off and remove the pebble?