From the Desk of Keith Hafner



When you think about your favorite teacher or mentor…and the impact they had on your life, the math, the history, the piano…whatever the actual skills were they were supposed to be teaching you…didn’t really matter, did they?

You see, these all too rare teachers got it.  They got  that their real responsibility was to teach YOU…not to teach piano, English, science.

To meet you right where you were…bad grammar, runny nose, and lost homework included.

And — to leave you a little better than they found you.  A little more motivated.  More involved.  More prepared.  More connected.  More inspired. More cared for.

This is the mission of the true teacher.  To give these gifts to their students.

And, sadly, many teachers never get this.  They think it really is about the algebra, the social studies, the music scales…

So — as I mentioned earlier, there may be a kid, hungry, waiting to be “discovered”…and your task is to continue this important legacy.  To give back the “gift” that was given to you.

Never forget.  It’s not about the subject matter.  It’s about that particular young person that life may have assigned to you…in the same way you were “assigned” to Mr. Hollister, Mrs. Shea, Mr. Schlanderer…